I have served as a graduate student instructor (GSI) for several undergraduate courses, including one as the instructor of record, at the University of Michigan. These courses have ranged from introductory survey courses for first-semester freshmen to upper-level capstone courses for seniors, and have covered a wide range of topics. I have also received additional training to work with upper-level undergraduate students on their writing skills from the University of Michigan’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. Furthermore, I have mentored several students in an independent study research assistantship course at the University of Michigan.

Quotes from student evaluations:

“Todd did an excellent job presenting the material relevant to the course, as well as clearing up questions and misunderstandings at our request during section. He was professional and enjoyable as a GSI. The feedback he provided was incredibly detailed and very helpful at making our papers the best they could be before we turned them in.”

“The class discussions were clear and informative, and I thoroughly enjoyed how the discussions took the textbook reading a step further by applying them to current world examples. Todd was always prepared for discussions and I found discussions to be effective and thought-provoking.”

“Todd always left room for questions, and was readily available for e-mail questions. Powerpoint presentations were clear, and class discussions were stimulating.”

“I loved this course. Todd taught this course in such a way which was interesting, and thought provoking.”

“Todd was a fantastic GSI. He clearly was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and also make classes fun and funny.”

“It was clear that Mr. Lehmann had a strong background and breadth of knowledge over the subject. He was always thoroughly prepared to facilitate an engaging discussions amongst students. Mr. Lehmann was also able to clarify questions over the course material without fail.”

Courses taught:

Introduction to World Politics, POLSCI 160, Summer 2018. Syllabus.

Other GSI experience:

Independent Research, POLSCI 383, Winter 2019. Course head: Prof. Yuri Zhukov.

Capstone Seminar in Statistics, STATS 485, Winter 2018. Course head: Prof. Ben Hansen.

The Political Economy of Terrorism and Civil War, POLSCI 389, Fall 2016, Fall 2017. Course head: Prof. Scott Tyson.

Black Lives and Deaths: Anti-Black Violence and Resistance, POLSCI 489, Winter 2017. Course head: Prof. Christian Davenport.

Liberalism and Its Critics, POLSCI 402, Winter 2017. Course head: Prof. George Tyler.

Introduction to World Politics, POLSCI 160, Fall 2015, Winter 2016. Course head: Prof. James Morrow.